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Sportswear: sport trends

 TAGS:The canvas tracksuits and rubber sport shoes belong to the past. You already knew. Now sport also means fashion and there is no better proof of it than the collaboration as capsule collections from different designers together with the most famous sports brands. Among them, Stella McCartney, one of my favorites, which has already worked several seasons designing women's sportswear in collaboration with one of the most recognized and recognizable brands: Adidas.

Sneakers, technical fabrics, specific garments for winter sports, tennis, yoga, aerobics, running... there are no limits and no excuse either for not to be up to date while we give it all practicing our favorite sport.

The sportswear for this season gives us freedom to choose colours from the basics and classics, such as the white or gray that we see in some of the clothes from Le Coq Sportif to the fluorine tones that call our attention while taking a look on the Adidas and Nike catalogs new arrivals for sport shoes. The color black is still present in all types of sports equipment, either alone or splashed with colorful details.

The most prestigious trend setters find in Puma and New Balance a gold mine to experiment with fabrics, materials, details and designs. We are not only talking about sportswear but also about their accessories, which can really help you give that trendy touch to your look more easily thanks to the various possibilities that these sportswear firms offer.

Those who want something different can try on some Kawasai or Asics sneakers. Many people have adapted theirs to their daily routines as they are not necessarily meant for training purposes. The convenience of both proposals and original designs each season offering make them perfect for carrying also with a pair of jeans.

To decide what to buy the best is to compare prices and options so you can optimize your search to get the perfect sportswear for you, nothing better than to do your search on internet using your phone or iPad from everywhere. Purchase quality material and you will notice that your athletic performance improves while your image does.

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