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Spring 2013 outdoor fashion

 TAGS:The outdoor fashion this spring arrives with high voltage colours. It will be impossible to go unnoticed with the new proposals by Montura or Millet, which bring to us a collection of women's jackets and tops in stretch, because comfort and style can go together hand in hand, both in the city center and in the countryside.

Brands like The North Face or Trangoworld prefer to play it safe and continue to offer high quality garments but less daring colours. In general, black is the predominant colour in the vests, jackets and other outdoor clothing from his collection for the Spring 2013. A good idea if you want to acquire a basic garment to accompany you on your trips for many more seasons.

On the way they are designed it could be said that even though it is a classic style in general, technological fabrics are the main option for them, getting the perfect balance. Hoodless designs come harder than those who have it and that is because minimalism is trend, again, also in sports fashion.

The pants you will wear this spring in your outdoor journeys will come with boot cut trouser legs, which allow you greater mobility and also stylized figure. You can find them with very basic lines in Haglöfs and Marmot catalogs, or also with more details, such as the ones by Black Diamond.

The latter firm launches new model outdoor trousers featuring a patch pocket on each side and hip waist. Made in canvas, it reminds the style of the Lite Trail shorts by Haglöfs, looking like a version of the famous chinos trousers but with a few centimeters less in length. This garment is particularly striking thanks to the combination of colours khaki-black that appears by the waist, acting as a belt and giving a very special touch to the pants look.

Finally, you cannot stay without your tank top by Buff which fits the body in the exact right way to look elegant and cool. It is available in all color combinations, but I would certainly stick with the red and black model.

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