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Team Hoyt

 TAGS:Although I learned about Team Hoyt several years ago, I thought it appropriate to share this story of love and personal growth. I assure you will be touched and always remember it.

If I ask you about Dick and Rick Hoyt, I'm convinced you don't know who they are (if you know them, their story or have seen the video please don't go. I recommend you keep reading the post and watch the video again...).

And when I say that Dick is Rick's father and both participate in marathons and triathlons... I know, it doesn't help... there are many parents who play sports with their children... I don't care...

And if I tell you that Rick is disabled (quadriplegic with cerebral paralysis) and his father, Dick, drag him on a special canoe when they have to swim, takes him on a special chair in front of the bike, and pushes him on a wheelchair when they practise running... are you more interested?

A clear example that there's nothing a person cannot make with a dose enough of motivation.

“Minor” details:

  •  They have participated in 1,069 events together (still competing). Among these highlight 247 triathlons (6 of them Ironman and 7 Half Ironman), 22 duathlons, and 69 marathons...
  • It's a good life” is the motto that Rick has written in his wheelchair.
  • During all these years he had not investigated the times because he thought that was the least... today, when I saw them, I thought important to share the story with you; they speak for themselves...
  • Best Ironman 13:43:37
  • Best time in Marathon  2:40:47
  • Best Half Marathon 1:21:12
  • Do you know which is Rick's dream? “Let my father sit on my chair and push him even once...”



If you want to know this fantastic team, you can see them running in the Falmouth (Massachusetts) Road Race on August 12th. You can also visit their website:

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