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Tennis shots. The service


The importance of tennis serve is obvious, though often underestimated. It is a major shot, decisive in a high percentage of tennis matches, both among professionals than amateurs. It is also the most complex.

Maintain a service game guaranteed a match of sudden death. Only the clay can relativize its importance as the clay slows the most powerful shots, although it still allows fine rebounds.

All is not strength, but a player with the skills to win services will have more "free" points throughout the match. Throughout history, many players have specialized their serve.
Some, like Pete Sampras, raised service to the category of absolute perfection. Every game, the former number would win dozens of points in its favor and won dozens of professional titles.

Much of its success lies in the talent of the player, and a comprehensive training and mechanical serve helped in these excellent results. Since its start in the circuit, Rafa Nadal won 30% of power in his services. Without this significant improvement, he could never have won the U.S. Open, for example.

The launching ceremony can be divided into several phases. First, the placement and balance. Thereafter, the lifting motion of the ball on top of the impact and the end.

Before performing a service, you should be placed after the bottom line, to the opposite foot arms out in front and the other parallel to the line, supporting the weight of the body. It is time to choose the direction and Hit (flat, topspin, cut).

The time to throw the ball is the most complex because it requires an almost perfect coordination. A hand throws the ball upward, while the other raises the tennis racket to hit in perfect sync. When the elbow reaches the shoulder height, a mini break happens before impact, while the body weight goes forward. All in one second.

With a little time and persistence, a player using low - level feel a significant improvement in service. Put on your tennis shoes, warm up and try all the steps.

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