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Tennis shots: The volley

 TAGS:If there is a tennis shot in danger of extinction then it is definitely the volley. The modern game places more attention to the service from the end of the tennis court where an approximation to the net for making a point rarely occurs. Djokovic, Rafa Nadal, Murray and Federer dominate the rallies but to them every technique is permitted.

Aestethic goes together with efficiency although there are still a few exceptions in the circuit as it is the case with the spanish player Feliciano López or the czech player Radek Stepanek. The profile of the volley player is similar to the one of the service player but not all the good service players have the same success next to the net.

The modality of double is logically opposed to the individual game. In the double, the services and volleys are necessary. A volley is every kind of stroke in the air before the ball  hits the ground and normally it is located in the service area, close to the net.

These circumstances caracterize a good volley player: Rapidity, position, reflexes, intelligence and technique. The volley shot is a bit risky as the opponent can react but if it is well executed it can be decisive.

Because of few reaction time there are  mandatory automatisms for the right execution of the shot. In an awaiting position in front of the net, the tennis rackets have to be in a high and frontal position. Attention should be paid.

Once guessed the direction of the ball, the player has to move forward the foot that is opposite to the area of  impact and he has to achieve the right balance  of the body's weight  before the impact takes place. The racket will be placed behind and in a higher position if possible.

You have to distinguish between approximated volleys and more definitive and precise ones. If the distance to the net is big, the player has to look for a great impact that doesn't lead to risks. On the other hand, if closer, the player can obtain a point through crossed impacts. With sensitivity, the right strenghth and an inflexible wrist.

 The reaction time is without doubt a great quality of  every player, even more if he is in a position of attacking the net. Reaching the perfect synchronization between the visual reaction and the physical one needs a lot of training and a certain talent. As perfect handle the most recommended is a continental one, which is the case as well for the majority of the services.

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