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Tennis techniques: The drive

 TAGS:The "drive" is the most intuitive ball in tennis and therefore the easiest to learn for everyone. Professional players and hobby use (sometimes too much) their forehand, neglecting the backhand. It's an sport classic!

Nevertheless there are more possibilities with different difficulty grades: the split step, the flat forehand, the topspin. All of them have reasons to exist, although the split step is not used that much anymore and nowadays it is only used in extreme cases of defence.

The topspin on the other hand has become really popular, most of all because of Rafa Nadal, who is unbeatable on clay. It's all about hitting the ball from down and accelerate keeping the racket blocked. In that way the balls are more effective, they reach the extreme of the field in a higher and more efficient way and with more weight.

The flat forehand is more common. Roger Federer uses it a lot, as well as many others. It means choosing a direct and fast game, without fears nor too long rallies. The flat forehand is riskier than the topspin because the ball doesn't have that much leeway over the net.

But playing a good forehand doesn't guarantee success, because it is a really common condition. The "drive" is the base of tennis, but the serve and the backhand really establish the level of a tennis player.

Without any doubt, with a good balance in the repertoire the "drive" is the common way to obtain points. The direct way to victory. All the players in the world have collected "winners" thanks to their forehand slam, associating concepts as different as strength and precision.

Nevertheless, this slam cuts both ways. The confidence is misleading and turns the forehand into an error machine. It gives and takes,more when you are psycologically distracted.

Anyways, a forehand should go together with other techniques. Together with a precise backhand, it will work better. After a good serve, it will be more decisive. Although it always wants to result the best, it cannot do everything alone.

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