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The best positions for running

 TAGS:Running is the favourite training of beginners, running professionals, élite sportsmen and Sunday runners who are on their  mission for a better body. As in every field, you can find everything. For sure it is one of the healthiest sports, no matter if it's your main training or if it is part of your daily sport practice. In any case you should keep in mind that it can be dangerous for your muscles and articulations if not practiced in the right way.

The most important thing and I think it won't be necessary to give further explanations, is warming up before starting the training. But, talking about it, do we actually know which is the best position for running?

 The first thing is keeping the shoulder straight in a comfortable and not forced position. If we are doing it in the right way, we will notice that the region of the abdomen, gets tense. Of course the abdominal region is being exercised during running and the results we will obtain, will depend on having adopted the right position.

In this position we will also notice that although the pelvis follows the same upright position of the shoulders, the hips will move from the left to the right in a rythmic move and will accompany the movements of the legs while running.

 The force of every stride and of our whole weight falls on our legs and therefore we have to try that the heel doesn't get the full impact as it should be distributed in a homogene and natural way on every part of adherence of the sole and that's why it is so important to buy running shoes that adapt to each type of stride. In the same way we have to try that the position of our feet is an extension of the vertical line of our body avoiding more advanced or backward positions that only damage our performance.

The arms should stay in an angle of 90 degrees, our hands should be almost closed but without clenching one's fists. The movement of the arms will start from the shoulders, but all this will happen in a fluid way and always parallel to the running direction.

The head should stay in an upright position and one's look oriented to the front, in a distance of 5 to 10 metres. These are the keys for our success and will help us to maintain our resistence and capacity.

Do you want to practice running? We recommend you to buy running material online which adapts to your necessities.

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