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The CoreBar, the latest trend in training

 TAGS:It is increasingly easy to train and do sports with ease. Today we present the latest trend in training: the CoreBar, which is based on making a constant and mixed effort, mixing balance, agility and elasticity ... What more could we ask for?

But we don’t exercise alone, no we are helped by an ergonomic curved bar that we can acquire with different weights for multiple exercises. This device will help us to train, maintain body posture, and burn calories quickly

CoreBar is a variant of fitness which also allows you to join several disciplines like pilates and aerobics, so that the exercise is dynamic, fast, fun and far from the classes we do in the gym or at home.

And, many times, you need some motivation to move, and imagination creates new trends in fitness, always linked with fun. So you can put the music and get started with these movements that provide clear benefits for the body, fulfilling one goal: a strong body.


  • It relaxes the mind and body, to disconnect from our daily routine. You know "A healthy mind in a healthy body".
  • Allows previously scheduled exercises, depending on the constitution and agility of the person.
  • You'll get a more stable spine.
  • You will get more elastic in the arms and legs in just a few minutes.
  • You get to burn calories even 48 hours after each session.
  • You gain strength, balance and agility.
  • Allows floor exercises, standing, sitting ... is very versatile.
  • Thanks to this, we are motivated because it can be used alone or with company.
  • Such exercises are already in classes gyms.
  • The bar marks the exercises and we rely on it for different positions.

Do you want to gain strength? If you want to buy fitness equipment, here are our recommendations:

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