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The Crossfit

 TAGS:Optimization of the body performance. Getting the most out of each muscle. The crossfit guide you through high intensity routines that recreate primary movements that have always been found in nature.

The standing position, sitting position, the actions of pushing, pulling, climbing, running and hitting also are inherent in us and contributed to our evolution as a species. We are designed to make those movements and this is because human nature is dynamic and is based on action.

The actions that integrates crossfit training are inspired by the aforementioned, which combine them randomly to give a very intense exercise.

 TAGS:The effectiveness of this type of training and its results, rather than tested, have driven the discipline to one of the first places in the exercise routines of the elite troops and state security forces in different countries but with a common purpose: emphasize muscle function and improve coordination, reducing the reaction time.

Alternate routines are based on movements that require body control to one that is focused on the control of an external object. Functional exercises are integrated into crossfit workouts in what is known as elite fitness.

Control of an external object requires buying sports equipment, something that is essential in the case of fitness, although the latter is usually supported in fitness machinery.

Without machines, you can improve flexibility, but also strength, power and speed, balance, coordination, agility and precision. And of course, the resistance, the muscular one as well as the respiratory and cardiovascular system resistance.

Those who wish to test this type of training must keep a cool head and not get frustrated if during the first sessions they don’t achieve the desired results. It is interestingly to program routines before going to practice crossfit without planning. Thus, also the times of rest and recuperation will be integrated into our training program, and we gradually increase the pace of our sessions.

All those who are already initiated into the fitness will have it a little easier when embark on the adventure of crossfit. The abdominals, jumps, races, dumbbell weights, exercises in Olympic rings or climb a rope, are some of the activities that will be part of their routine of the next workouts.

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