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The importance of tread on running

 TAGS:Suddenly an ad has made us all look at the feet. The campaign pronator / supinator have focused the attention of all athletes on their lower extremities. But there is more than 2 foot: there are 3 types of foot: pronator, supinator and neutral.

Pronators are those who tend to take the foot inward with each stride. By practicing running the feet go to the side of the arc. Actually pronation is just a physiological response to reduce load steps while improving our adaptation to the ground we walk on.

Pronation is often viewed as wrong as it involves excessive inward thrust and may lead to distortions and distractions in foot, ankle or knee. The pronator need to wear resistant outsole footwear, reinforced in the arch area.

Supinators are the people who support the feet outermost meanwhile running. This trend is quite unusual. These feet have less mobility in general than those of the pronator and therefore, to improve performance, the supinator need a sole adapted to the outside of the heel and foot. Find a shoe with these characteristics can be difficult.

 TAGS:Pronators are between 50 and 60 % of runners and supinator only 10 %. The remaining 40% have a neutral foot. Neutral feet are those exhibiting no tendency to running and not deviate.

Foot in static position doesn't behave as on the run, so you have to check the running shoes, go to a specialty store or a motion analysis center, but never rely on our footprint in standing or walking position, and that information derived therefrom shall not be reliable or accurate to determine your foot type.

In running, our joints receive hits that you can moderate with a suitable shoe than reduce it and give stability to the athlete's running form. When buying running shoes you should choose them correctly, as it will help us achieve greater comfort in our training, reducing the chances of injury and damage to our joints , but do not forget that there are other factors at play as seniority of the shoe and the ground on which sport is practice , that we must also consider.

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