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The master shot: Nadal's top spin

 TAGS:The Rafa Nadal’s right top spin acts as a raw converter. On one side of the track, there’s a tennis balls. On the other, he sends powerful assault stones. The patented by the Spanish (and the illustrious uncle Toni) breaks the strength of the other player, creating harassment and demolition.

No surprises then that the clay has magnified the legendary tennis player. The surface enables Nadal to have a better 'timing' and almost impenetrable defense. The top spin, meanwhile, is responsible for pushing his opponents in the bottom of the track. Heavy, high and long ball ambushes and traps.

That top spin hit with the racket also guarantees to the Spanish a greater margin of error on the court. It also requires fast feet and a technical wrist movement. Well executed, the 'drive' effect is one of the most decisive in the history of tennis. Weapons like that helped Nadal to be the youngest player to achieve the 'Golden Slam' (The Big Four and Olympic gold) in 2010.

The clay 'spits' the ball, so the right top spin is not as comfortable on hard courts. Mainly because of the preparation time. However, Nadal has been able to use it more (Roland Garros) or less (U.S. Open) as needed. A flower in the bouquet.

The mechanism works like torture for the receiver. Splitting into reverse, hitting heavy balls forced to shoulder height, suffering is inevitable.

There is no doubt. A more direct game would have helped Nadal. If Federer, Djokovic or Murray prefer less exchanges, they do not deny the merits of court. However, the Spanish world number one will be remembered as a wild, untamed distance runner and almost unbeatable on clay. His right top spin is much to blame.

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