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The method of Pilates

 TAGS:What do a ballett dancer and a soldier that comes back from war have in common? Is Contrology and Pilates the same thing? Does Pilates as a fitness method originally come from Germany or the United States? Today, although Pilates has become quite known around the world, its origin is not that clear to the majority.

What happened to the inventor during his youth? Is it true that its german origin led to negative consequences during the First World War? There are many doubts arising when it comes to explaining the origin of Pilates, one of the most trendy sports that also give the best results. Stars as Madonna, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone among others practice it.

But the best example is for sure the one of its german inventor, Joseph H. Pilates, who managed to recover from astma, rheumatical fever and other illnesses he suffered from during most of his life (1880 - 1967). To do so he combined some of his favourite sport disciplines, as bodybuilding, yoga, martial arts and therefore created the basis of what today is known as Pilates. He called it Controlling, because conscience controlled it all and was responsible for a connection between the body, the spirit and the mind.

Pilates as it is practiced nowadays started in the twenties in a hospital of New York where Pilates designed the first machine for one of the beds. The first objectives where the rehabilitation of ill people, the recovering of their health and the improvement of the self esteem of the soldiers gone back after the war.

Soon the good results of the method became known, at the same time professional dancers started to practice Pilates, as it gave them results no other sport did because Pilates goes beyond just physical exercise, it doesn't concentrate on the musculature only, but it is a compenetration between body and soul and posture is one of its keys.

The body as a whole has to be trained softly, without damaging articulation or groups of muscles and one always has to pay attention to respiration. Pilates can be practiced on the ground or with the help of machines, some invented from the creator of the method, others followed later.

After the death of Joseph H. Pilates his wife and some scholars continued to teach the method that nowadays can  be practiced all around the world and that is really addictive once started.

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