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The most spectacular records in the NBA

 - The NBA is one of the world's most spectacular sports competitions, and of course, the most attractive of world basketball: it is a fact. The whole organization responsible for developing and promoting American Basketball is focused on achieving the widest possible audience, on getting the sponsors the maximum exposure and, ultimately, for the viewers -both who see the games at their homes and the spectators at the main venues- to experience emotions and spend a few hours in the best way possible.

In fact, the rules that apply to professional basketball in the United States are also made to promote the show, and there is a real obsession to control any statistical aspect that may contribute to the desire to overcome challenges and records which characterizes the American sports in general and basketball in particular.

Among the major statistical milestones in NBA history, there are some who deserve a comment, such as the scoring record in a game that Wilt Chamberlain established in 1962, with a whopping 100 points. The same player also has the mark of 59 points in half a game or 4,029 points in a full season, with an average of 50.4 points per game.

Also in scoring highlight the most points in a quarter, achieved in 1978 by George Gervin (33 pts.), The total points record in the career of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387), or the best scoring average in a full career, with 31.7 points achieved by Michael Jordan.

Chamberlain also highlighted on the defensive side of the game, as keeper of the records of rebounds in a game (55), in a season (2,149), average per game in a season (27.2), total rebounds (23,924) and average in the total of his career (22.9). He only missed the marks of rebounds in a half game (Bill Russell, 32) and quarter (Nate Thurmond, 18). In the statistic of steals, stands out above all the legends Alvin Robertson, with 301 in a season, 3.67 on average, and 2.71 per game throughout his career.

In the NBA the complete players are also valued, those to excel in many facets of the game, but only four men in the history of the league achieved the milestone of a quadruple double (double figures obtained in 4 aspects of the game): Nate Thurmond (1974), Alvin Robertson (1986), Hakeem Olajuwon (1990) and David Robinson (1994).

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