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The padel tennis, a sport in development

 TAGS:Playing padel, especially in summer time, is a custom that is spreading every day. This sport is very popular in countries such as Spain, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina and it seems that their fans will continue to rise. In 2005 was born the Padel Pro Tour, ie professional padel circuit.

Although for some the padel is more an activity to have a free time doing physical exercise, it is actually a real sport.

Padel tennis is not like tennis, although the use of racket and the type of stroke can make you think that. The padel, just as table tennis, is a totally different type of game, and so are the rules. Also, it does not require an as exquisite and high developed technique as to be deployed on the court, as the plastic paddle racquets are much easier to handle than ceramic rackets. And, being the smallest field, one should not run as much as in tennis to perform well.

 TAGS:Born as a simple way to pass the time in the merchant ships (you hit a ball with a racket against the metal wall of the same boat), padel has now claimed as a true sport itself. The playing field is made of artificial ground and has an area of 10 m wide by 20 m long and is enclosed by walls whose height is 3 meters.

The padel can be played both individually and in pairs, the game mode changes according to the habits of the players. Play individually means more strength and footwork, but also helps to get more physical background given the accelerations that make you frequently changing place on the court.

These are the elements necessary to practice the padel:

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