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The 'passing shot': a forceful tennis shot

 TAGS:In tennis the 'passing shot' is by nature a tennis counter stroke. Its implementation depends on the opponent. In fact, it only becomes meaningful when one of the players goes to the net. In that situation, the passing shot can be decisive. The 'passing' is a stroke of rescue. Its complexity also makes it a great resource.

The search of depth is more important than the explosion of power. The tennis racket more important than the legs. In addition, it is always advisable to seek rival weakness, usually the reverse. The parallel 'passing shot' is the most difficult and aesthetic, precisely because there is less space to do it. It's a risky option that requires a lot of precision, speed and strength. Rafael Nadal is a current icon of this type of game.

His two-handed forehands are also decisive. The Spanish executes his specialties with precision, but tries not to do them to many times. In effect, its power lies in the surprise effect.

In the history of tennis Rafael Nadal is one of the players who best understood the passing shot. Under pressure, the modern game requires times of attack as much as defense. Some players can transform it into art. The 'passing' is often a desperate blow. It needs a lot of heart. But among the best players it is an efficient resource.

In any case, the 'passing shot' is one of the blows that can undermine the player confidence. The fine line between success and failure in tennis often passes through the inner conviction. The 'passing' needs a lot of it.

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