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The roles in futsal

 TAGS:In futsal, as in all team sports, each position is responsible for a series of actions that will determine the collective outcome and progress of the game. Knowing what most is important in each one of these is essential to the success of your team.

 The goalkeeper is one of the key pieces since the success rate of the opposing players will depend on him. Its main objective is to prevent the ball from crossing the threshold of the goal during the game. He « defends».

 In addition, from its privileged position, it can achieve a better understanding of the strategy and tactics that the opponent are using as well as realize the weak points of its own team. 

Who plays in the position called "wing" does it along the bands. Its primary mission is to give aid and support to the other players, so he should move continuously in order to be available whenever and wherever needed to send a pass. The football shoes should fly to bring these athletes continuously from side to side of the field. This is probably one of the positions that needs more energy, and requires a good technique that allows the development of the plays previews.

The defender develops its position closer to the goal. From there he defends it, while contributing to the team organization. To occupy this position it requires extensive knowledge of the roles of each player and of the strategy of the game, plus an overview to be able to anticipate the intentions of the opponent while its attack.

Players who occupy the center position in football are in charge of carrying out the attack on the goal, for that matter they are those that are closest to it during the game.

For the center forward to develop an effective game he should be constantly in search of free holes through which he could approach the opponent's goal. He must also distance himself at the first opportunity. The position is very important here.

As a point common to all the roles we discussed, the concentration is the central point. It is absolutely necessary to take advantage of opportunities that may arise at any moment during the course of the game.

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Really love futsal. its so much fun to play.
Ridwan Ridwan 05/09/2013 at 02:48

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