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The Spartan workout


The Spartan workout is basically a philosophy based on weight work, inspired by the lifestyle and training of Spartan society.

This training plan is designed to take place in two weeks; remember that Spartan training philosophy is rooted in the warriors that, taking no rest between exercises or postponing their tasks, performed their schedules until entirely done.

Every day exercises of different types are made, as the body adjusts quickly to stimuli and needs variety, so you should not take lightly warmups and fitness regular stretching routines before you begin training.

Spartan workout plan:

  • Monday: 2 sets of 100 pushups, 2 sets of 150 squats, 1 set of 100 crunches and 1 set of 100 lumbars.
  • Tuesday: 2 sets of 30 hand stand pushups, 2 sets of 30 chin-ups, 1 set of 50 diamond pushups and 1 set of 100 strides.
  • Wednesday:
    • Circuit 1: 20 laps with the following sequence: 5 supinated chin-ups 7 pistol squats and 9 diamond pushups.
    • Circuit 2: 10 laps with the following sequence: 10 crunches and 10 lumbars.
  • Sunday: 3 sets of 100 squats, 1 set of 100 pushups, 1 set of 100 burpees, 1 set of 50 crunches and 1 set of 50 lumbars.
  • Tuesday: 1 set of 300 squats, 1 set of 150 strides, 1 set of 100 pushups and 3 sets of 50 burpees.
  • Thursday: Circuit: Perform laps in 20 minutes with the following sequence: 9 burpees 12 pushups and 15 squats. Then continue with this sets after the circuit: 1 set of 100 crunches and 1 set of 100 lumbars.
  • Saturday: 1 set of 50 pronated chin-ups (pull-ups), 1 set of 50 supinated chin-ups, 1 set of 30 hand stand pushups and 1 set of 50 pushups.

Each series of the Spartan workout consists of a large number of repetitions, if you can not perform them without pause, take the minimum necessary time to continue the work until done.

However, note that the Spartan workout is not just for fitness or running enthusiasts, but it is suitable for improving overall fitness and therefore applies to any athlete.

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