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Top tips to practice running in the mountains

 TAGS:Practicing running in the mountains is very beneficial because of the various ground and the challenge you might be confronted to. Because of that, he use of a technique to run on the mountain is necessary to achieve this physical effort in the best way.

Set goals: To train with more motivation you will need to have goals that require our dedication to have a good preparation.

Programs: Program our workouts based on goals or objectives is the best way to gradually reach the desired point, and it is advisable if possible to be placed in the hands of an experienced person to guide us in the design of our training.

Some practical tips are:

  • On the rise: You should monitor your footsteps on the climbs, verifying that the steps you take will align with the top of your body and not in front of it. These steps should be short and fast for your twins not suffer and if the rise is very strong you can use it by putting your hands on your thighs.
  • Pay attention to your heels: If the slope of the ascent allows it, place your heels on the ground; this prevents your twins to suffer, as it happens to many runners on the mountain.
  • Going down: Check the position of your body trying to form an inclined shoulder to toe line, this avoids the impact of the fall is harmful to the quadriceps, balancing work on the entire body.

For descents with many stones, you need to seek stable support as larger stones, and proceed to move the body leaning slightly backwards.

Now that you have these tips, you can improve your running technique on the mountain. And if you have to equip yourself, we also recommend the best sports equipment:

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