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Torches and forehead lights: a safety essential while hiking

 TAGS:Torches, lanterns and forehead lights will become the basic essential for a hiking day a bit different. If you think you already know by heart all the hiking trails you can find around where you live, try to practice your favorite sport at night. Just do not forget to prepare the right equipment before you leave home, especially a good torch, something that you cannot miss.

Safety comes first and so before choosing what type of lighting will guide your steps during the trip, you need to plan your route. Travelling time (variable closely related to the batteries of the devices that you are going to need), classification of the land (it is not the same to move along forest paths or between rocks) and mountain experience are three key points to keep in account when choosing the perfect torch for night hiking.

Needless to say, it is important to accompany and advise someone who will not go out with you that day, the route you plan to go and its duration. Prevention is always better than regrets.

Back to the issue of selection of flashlights in hand, and taking into account the three factors mentioned above, we will seek the best possible alternative for good visibility during our night of hiking. It is worth having a good one in general because one day the hiking route may end at night, especially now that daylight hours begin to shorten a little faster.

Forehead lights are definitely the most comfortable and convenient as they allow us to have free hands. However, depending on the type of route and the quality of the one we have, it may be worth to supplement it with a good torch or a lantern.

It is important that the devices we choose allow us to get two basic things (either alone or combined the two of them):

  • First, get a clear view of where we stand (if water if rock, whether or not firm ground), which is essential to keep up and not have accidents,
  • Second, to enable us to illuminate a wider area, to see what is ahead in our tour with a little advance.

Given all this, it is up to each individual the choice of brands available in the market according to the budget that you want to spend. But if you love hiking you need to have one.

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