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Tracksuit, small tips to consider...

 TAGS:There are many unwritten tracksuit rules that must be taken into account. There are also things you need to know when you buy one. Behind my humble keyboard I just want to give you some clues to prevent stylistic disasters that could almost be described as anti "fairplay".

A good example would be if you were to go play tennis at Wimbledon. Your tracksuit should be white. So when choosing a tracksuit make sure to check with the club where you want to go to know the potential dress code.

Logically, you will not buy a red and white tracksuit (the color of the Chicago Bulls) when you go to play basketball in the Lakers fans land ... In this case, besides the common sense we're talking about safety.

Another well-known case of error in the use of tracksuit is when you go to your girlfriend home on a Sunday afternoon. She appears on the porch with her best assets, after an hour of preparation, including hair, nails, and all sorts of creams, makeup ... and you wear a tracksuit. I can assure you that no matter the quality or brand of your clothes, or even signed by a famous designer, the reaction may be powerful. Be careful, guys.

And for us, it is clear that the "class but relaxed solution" with sweatpants and heels became a historical aberration. Remember that this is equipment whose primary function is to serve as a comfortable garment with which to train.

Tracksuit is here to assist you during your workout, warm up between efforts and prevent your muscles to cool down too abruptly. It must be comfortable, warm and easy to put on and remove, such as those that we recommend today.


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