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"Trail running", running against nature

 - Running in the nature is natural, wild and liberating. Sport and nature can be compatible with each other but it is not always the case. Climbing up and down the mountains is a challenge with the environment but also an inner fight as in every kind of sport.

For some people trail running is one of the oldest sports. It is supposed that human ancestors already were looking for geographical areas for hunting so that the origin for that could lie in the animal part of human nature which awakens with the simple contact with nature. This happens only with just getting into contact with nature.

To climb up and down a mountain you need to be in  a good physical condition and have a positive attitude. The adaptation is not the same for every one because experience influences. Those who lack of expereince, need a lot of patience until the body gets used to similar physical efforts.

 Trail running combines athletism and alpinism but requieres different efforts regarding the techniques, the rythm and the catering. The high accidental rate suggests not to risk and take measures.

Although there are some professional trail running championships, this sport is a popular one, recommended to sport lovers who enjoy nature and not to those who want to practice it as a profession.

Also without wanting to compete, every runner has to be especially careful during the descend. If you want to go fast, the risk needs special balance and a complete control over the body. Otherwise every stone or wrong step could cause an accident.

The ascents, on the other hand, are very stressful. Without recommending it, walking through the most difficult areas might be an option for some persons but ideally you should maintain a regular rythm. You need to have muscles and courage.

 The gentle parts of the route are ideal to recover and enjoy the landscape. It is better to avoid frightening situations. Once alone in the nature, a mobile phone could be a necessary communication device.

To practice trail running it is necessary to eat in the right way. This discipline is very demanding and could cause more than a scare to the participants. Eating and drinking helps to maintain the balance over the body.

As a basic equipment a runner in the mountains needs the right shoes for fast runs. (a pair of Salomon Synapse, for example) as well as clothes that protect and are transpirable. If the sun is shining, sun glasses and a hat should be recommended.

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