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Training: divide your effort

 TAGS:To get the most out of your training and get better results the best thing you can do is split it up. Divide the effort will help you improve the effort and the energy you use and get you the  muscle tone you want.

To divide your training properly you should spend a few minutes warming up and at the end use some time for the relaxation and the loosen up. In their simplest form your muscles are much more ready for the main exercise.

The warm-up routine will last about fifteen minutes. The exercises to be performed will vary depending on the sport you will practice or the muscle group you want to work later. A good warm up is necessary to avoid injuries and to reinforce the joints which soon will be facing a tough workout.

It is best to start warming the joints, as we often forget about them follow by the safe option: the muscle groups. Start with the most general areas first and end with the specific muscle groups you want to work. The latter will warm up similar to what we do in training but it has to be carried out more smoothly.

When you have finish your warming up, your body and you will be ready to begin the exercises. In training exercises you must operate the muscles that will be needed for the competition.

A good exercise routine would be one that lasts a few fifty or sixty minutes in which various parts of the body work alternatively. If you combine the exercises well the training will not be so hard and the results will get much better because you will not be forcing any area.

Just as important as doing a good warming up and proper training exercise is to make a good relaxation after. Relaxation routine will get our muscles go down the pace gradually.

Relaxation exercises also help us because we stretch and lower the heart rate. A proper stretching of the joints and muscles will help us avoiding injuries. Although remember to stretch after training is something we use to do, perhaps it is a good idea to plan a routine so we do not forget to stretch up any muscles group.

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