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What do Goalkeeper gloves must have ?

 TAGS:Goalkeeper gloves are made especially to help the goalie to have a better grip on the ball, protect the hand from fast shots and sometimes protect hands from cold football seasons.

Negative cut , Roller Finge o Flat Palm, gloves have a history in the sport and have evolved over time, allowing the goalkeeper to enjoy more and more health benefits and the best practices of the sport.

The palms of goalkeeper gloves: they are the parts of this piece that have direct contact with the ball and ensure the best grip on it. Most of the palms of these gloves are made of latex foam or mixture of synthetic and natural latex .

Armour rods: These rods act as a protective finger guard to prevent strains and sprains.

Goalkeeper gloves were first used in 1952 in a game between Airdrie and Celticy but were not implemented until 1960. In 1970 numerous brands began to develop only with a piece of plush in the palm to protect your hands from the cold. Since 1980 special gloves to grip the ball began to appear and from 1990 it began to protect hands from sprains, and start to fulfill the three primary functions it has today.

To give proper maintenance to goalkeeper gloves one must take into account the following points:

  • To be cleaned with shower gel or special cleaners
  • Do not use strong detergents or hot water to wash your goalkeeper gloves
  • Never dry the gloves with hair dryers to avoid damaging the latex foam.
  • Hang your goalkeeper gloves to let them dry after washing in the shade to keep the sun from tearing the latex
  • Wash your goalkeeper gloves after each game.

There are various types of goalie gloves and pioneering brands in the confection of these, and buy cheap goalkeeper gloves does not always mean poor quality, on the contrary, as the prices of goalkeeper gloves itself is not high. What is your favorite one? Like to try different goalkeeper gloves, or are you faithful to the same brand? Today we recommend two of the most reliable:

 TAGS:Gloves Uhlsport Fangmaschine Absolutgrip SurroundGloves Uhlsport Fangmaschine Absolutgrip Surround

Gloves Uhlsport Fangmaschine Absolutgrip Surround



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Gloves Uhlsport Pro Comfort Textile

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