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What gear to carry in the mountain ?

 TAGS:Winter is one of the best times to go into the mountains for hiking and backpacking. Now if the weather is very hard and if you are not going well equipped, it is best to leave the ride for later.

When you go to the mountain, you have to have suitable kit and accessories for your route.

  • Hiking boots: Chose the right shoes like Outdoor footwear or Trekking boots. They tend to be sturdy, yet lightweight, and have comfortable sole to climb or descend safely.
  • Light technical Pants: the gear is important. Although it is hot, the shorts are not at all recommended, as we go through steep places with branches and legs get hurt. Long, lightweight pants or thermal clothing are the best choice.
  • Accessories: Who knows what we will find in the mountains. We need to carry equipment and accessories such as ice axes, cases for cameras, cup holders...
  • Resistant Backpacks: Although the day dawns sunny, rain can occur at any time in the mountains. Bags and backpacks should be waterproof, robust and light at a time.
  • GPS and Watches: In order not to get lost and be located at each moment, the current implementation takes complete watches and GPS, carrying maps, camera, precise navigation, compass and even voice memos.
  • Food and water: In summer, we need to be very hydrated. Water bottles are essential and places pass through natural sources to fill the bottles along the way. Also take chocolate bars in case you are hungry.

If it is to be more than just a day trip, the gear should be more professional and plentiful. Also, we take the tent for camping in places set for it.

Are we going to hit the road? We recommend to buy Outdoor equipment with us:

 TAGS:La sportiva miura womanLa sportiva miura woman

La sportiva miura woman



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Black diamond Quarter dome

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