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What is an inversion table?

 TAGS:Although unfortunately it seems that lately saving is more common than spending, inversion tables from which I will discuss in this post have nothing to do with the stock market, or the millions. Don’t mix it with ‘immersion’ neither, which is what many mistakenly ask for when they go to buy their fitness machinery. Immersion requires an aquatic environment to dive in, which is not the case for the inversion.

Inversion tables are a type of fitness equipment that allows you to stay in the reverse position, upside down, in a very simple way.

To achieve this position the machine has an anchoring system that holds the ankles, and they always are adjustable. You can also adjust the table on which rest of the body will rest. It is usually recommended to start with inclinations not too pronounced, the angle may increase as you progress through the training.

However, while certain brands allow staying literally hanging by the ankles, this is not a position recommended as there are more disadvantages than benefits. The same applies to the duration of training in this position. The closer we are placed perpendicular to the ground, the less time we have to stay in the table. Both our body and the machine are simply not designed for it.

Completing our fitness routine training with a session in the inversion table is preventing certain types of back problems. It also helps to improve flexibility and circulation. It relaxes the muscles and combats stress, among many other benefits.

The advice is to be taught by a specialist during the sessions, in order to minimize the adverse effects that its use could create if not used responsibly. Remember that you should not practice it alone ; always have someone close by if needed.

Willing to make an upside down fitness training? Here we suggest two inversion tables with installation included so you won’t have to worry about anything:

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Teeter DEX descompresion & extensión



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Teeter DEX II

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