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What is trail running?

 TAGS:The trail running is a sport on the rise in recent years, thanks to its combination of physical exercise –it is certainly a complete modality- and enjoyment of nature, since it is practiced in “off track” mountain environments, unlike other sports like hiking or traditional running, without going any further.

In the same way that the cross-country, it is characterized by routes over rough terrain, but unlike that sport, strictly regulated as a form of athletics, the distances involved are usually longer and its scenarios are characterized by a greater presence of natural barriers, befitting a typical mountain environment. Contrary to what it may seem, the variety of surfaces where it is practiced makes the risk of injury lower than in asphalt running, very prone to overload problems in some muscles. 

It is, however, an activity to which we must face with maximum preparation, especially if we do it with a competitive goal. To the inherent requirements of any sport that involves running long distances, we must add the difficulty, and even danger, of the terrain. It is important therefor, as in any sport, to train properly and use the most appropriate equipment

As for the clothes, we can use the same we use in urban running, for example, but we must consider that probably we’ll cross the finish much more dirty and wet! Of much greater importance is the footwear: for short and relatively simple runs, any hiking shoe may be valid, but when things get complicated, it is better to use specialized footwear for trail running, with more resistant soles and an outer fabric that prevents punctures with rocks. 

Depending on the size and hardness of the route, we’ll also need light crampons, trekking poles and of course, accessories like water bottles for proper hydration, sunglasses, sunscreen or headlamps.

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