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The Spartan workout

The Spartan workout is basically a philosophy based on weight work, inspired by the lifestyle and training of Spartan society.

This training plan is designed to take place in two weeks; remember that Spartan training philosophy is rooted in the warriors that, taking no rest between exercises or postponing their tasks, performed their schedules until entirely done.


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How does it help Gore-Tex in your sport activity?

Gore-Tex is a patented type of fabric used for sport and more specifically outdoor clothing. It is easily identified by its composition and helps a lot in any sport activity. Want to know how?

Gore-Tex is lightweight and is presented to athletes as one of the first possibilities thanks to its advantages:

Lightweight Waterproof Protection against varied...


Skiing: a sport with many benefits

The benefits of skiing for health are countless and, besides being a sport to be practiced outdoors and revitalize our mind, it is a sport that exercises our muscles both in the lower, middle and upper areas of the body.

To practice skiing we must have some physical preparation and take precautions, but instead we get many benefits.

Benefits of Alpine skiing:



Benefits of swimming

Swimming is one of the most complete sports, which also can practiced by children, adults and seniors. Back, muscles, legs, arms... almost everything moves, so it is a sport recommended by doctors to people with some ailments, experiencing stress or in state of pregnancy. Take good note of the benefits of swimming and get moving... Go swim!

Better general mobility. With...


Running movies: 8 documentaries about running you'll love

Christmas is a great time to enjoy, not only running in natural environments, but also watching documentaries and films inspired by the passion for running, a sport discipline that continues to gain followers worldwide.

Watching these films will fill you with inspiration to achieve your goals and keep in shape while you integrate family and friends to the...


Ideas for running in cold weather

Cold is one of the factors that make many runners to change the frequency of their training, but with rain and cold you still can run, but with the right equipment to avoid losing your fitness and fall into a sedentary lifestyle.

Motivation: To keep you motivated you can form groups with friends to go running together, and if you run alone, you just have to convince...


How to start practicing running

If you have decided to practice running, for example, from this September after the holidays have gone, you should know before how to start and how to increase your circuits as the weeks pass. Here are some tips to start practicing running.

Set a target. You may want to practice running for various reasons. Even if it's just for the mere fact of moving and exercising, ...


Basic protections to play football

Playing football is always exciting, but it never hurts to take more action to prevent bad times and inactivity due to injuries and even a fracture.

In football most of injuries usually occur in the shins, knees and ankles. You surely might want to protect yourself with the proper protective gear to give your best in every game.

Shin pad: Also called shin...


What is the best age to start at the gym?

Generally speaking, all parents arrive at the time when they wonder what is the best age for their children to start at the gym. The question is fully justified since at a certain age, physique and stage of growth determine the ideal time to start with sports safely for children and adolescents.