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Benefits of swimming


Swimming is one of the most complete sports, which also can practiced by children, adults and seniors. Back, muscles, legs, arms... almost everything moves, so it is a sport recommended by doctors to people with some ailments, experiencing stress or in state of pregnancy. Take good note of the benefits of swimming and get moving... Go swim!

Better general mobility. With swimming, the body increases the elasticity and flexibility of joints, increasing mobility of the body in general.

Improvements in the spine. It allows a better position of the spine and is usually practiced by people with back problems. Swimming corrects the position of the spine and back, its flexibility and makes their pain to decrease.

Total relaxation. One of the advantages of swimming is muscle relaxation. With this, the body relaxes and the mind gets rest. Nerves and stress are eliminated.

Toning the muscles. The muscles are strengthened thanks to swimming, and we gain more strength in legs, abdomen, arms and glutes, among others.

It improves breathing. Swimming promotes breathing. It is good to prevent asthma and those diseases related to cardiovascular health, whenever recommended by the doctor. As a result, blood flow is stimulated.

Improvements for the elderly. Swimming is totally beneficial for the elderly, as it keeps them active and prevents from the risk of further falls and fractures in legs and hips.

It avoids injuries. Reduces joint pain and prevents the occurrence of some injuries because the muscles are strengthened and, in case of injury, recovery is much faster for those who practice swimming.

Now you know some of the benefits of swimming, besides being an easy and simple way to make sport. And you can practice all year, at sea or in heated pools.


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