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Best backpacks to go to the gym

 TAGS:Going to the gym is a healthy and fun hobby. More and more people, regardless of age or sex, get on their sports clothes and go fight against inactivity. The gear we choose to go training has to make us comfortable and fashionable, and among it we cannot forget the indispensable backpack. So. let's find together which are the best ones.

The backpack with which we go to the gym every day has to be comfortable and cool from the start. It will not be a simple bag we use to carry some shirts and a couple socks, as it will probably have to travel with us to work, on the subway or on the street. The backpack also defines your style.

If you are not shy you will probably feel comfortable with the Adidas BP power II in black and yellow. However,  if your taste is a little more classic perhaps you could choose this same model in black and white. In fact, this type of Adidas backpack is very interesting if you need to have multiple compartments and a weight distribution that will not damage your back. Not forgetting the quality and durability they offer as they are one of the sports firms with more experience you can find in the market.

Something to keep in mind when choosing a backpack for the gym is that it is comfortable and that it offer you a good support. To fit your height notice that the straps are adjustable. In addition, check out the quality of the materials is made of, as it has to guarantee that it lives a long life on your back.

If you are someone who does not have much in the bag, only the most essential, you can opt for lightweight models, for example, made in fabric. These kind of models probably do not have separate areas for different things, but they are not heavy and they are usually extremely comfortable. If you don't want to risk compromising the quality you can choose an Adidas 3S ESS BG.

For those who do not need a large backpack with compartments but also do not like backpacks made in fabric they can choose smaller midsize models. Without forgetting the benefits of a large backpack, if you are in for a medium or small model you will find that you can also choose among many different designs. Surely you can find the one you like. Furthermore, some of them are slightly different, as Adidas 3S ESS ORG, which looks a little bit rectangular.

Anyway, you can also go to the gym with a tote bag, as the Adidas AC Holdall. Or choosing a shoulder bag, that will help you load a little better the weight of your stuff like Enamel By Adidas which you can find in many different designs and colours to suit your tastes.

 TAGS:Adidas AC holdallAdidas AC holdall

Adidas AC holdall



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Nike Heritage si track BAG

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